Light Cotton Rags 20kg

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The lint-free Light Cotton Rag is the perfect choice for general cleaning jobs where a high-quality cloth is required.

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Product Description


This Light Cotton Waste Cleaning Rag is highly absorbent, extremely soft and easy to clean materials or to remove dust resulting shiny surfaces. Great uses for soft cloth lovers.

Materials Used:

This Light Cotton Waste Cleaning Rag is made from 100% recycled shredded cotton. This soft cotton has super absorbing power. Metal free and safe to use.

Main Uses:

The highly adaptable Light Cotton Cleaning Rag is a cleaning cloth that can be used by all types of industries for a wide variety of applications. Ideal in any workshop, this low-lint cleaning rag boasts a medium absorbency, making it also the first option for engineering, heavy and mechanical industries. It is the perfect all-rounder for general cleaning jobs requiring a low-lint cleaning rag with medium absorbency.

Suggested Uses for this cleaning rag:

White Cotton Waste Cleaning Rags are used widely in the automotive, aviation, mining, oil, mechanical, banking, offices and other general cleaning.

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Weight 20 kg


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