Tea Towel Cleaning Rags


This all types of Tea Towel Cleaning Rags are highly flexible, moderate absorbency and low lint. Perfect for any type of kitchen, washroom, hotel/restaurant, mechanical or industrial cleaning services.

Materials Used

This Tea Towel Cleaning Rag is made and cut from a mixture of various coloured cotton materials.

Main Uses

This Tea Towel Cleaning Rag is used for general cleaning across a big selection of industries. Rags also can be used for various workshops and factories for easy and quick cleaning.

Suggested Uses for this cleaning rag

These Tea Towel cleaning rags are used widely in the hotel/restaurant kitchen, home kitchen, washroom, bathroom, automotive, welders, aviation, wreckers, mining, hydraulics, oil, waste disposal, mechanical, plastics and moulding banking, earthworks, engineering suppliers, offices and other general cleaning.

Available Weights

10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 100kg, 150kg, 200kg

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