Colour T-shirt Cotton Rags


This most versatile Coloured T-shirt Cleaning Rag is one of popular product for many industries. Because of highly absorbent power & its soft knit cotton materials. Processed through our quality control checks to ensure metal free and safe to use. These coloured rags can be used in all purpose general cleaning, automotive, marine, airline and engineering companies.

Materials Used

This low-lint Colour T-shirt Cleaning Rag made from cleaned, washed and cut recycled t-shirts. Light weight and high performance cloths. Metal free and safe.

Main Uses

The Coloured T-shirt Cleaning Rags are the best to use for general day-to-day cleaning services. These cleaning rags possess great absorbency and handle difficult spills and messes, a great handy cloth to any workshop and industry.

Suggested Uses for this cleaning rag

Industries are using this versatile handy rag; Coloured T-shirt Cleaning Rag include – Cleaning companies, automotive industries, mobile mechanics, welders, plumbers, painters, emergency services industries, powder coaters, cabinet makers, wood stainers, construction, staining, manufacturing, furniture and engineering companies, home cleaning, steel mills, transport industries, and various types of other industries.

Available Weights

10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 100kg, 150kg and 200kg

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